Where Did My Erotic Audios Begin?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

A question that I get asked a lot is “how did you get into creating erotic audios?”

And it’s a simple, short story, but it’s also a complex, long story. So buckle up and we’ll go over the complex, long story.

To understand where my love for erotic audio came from, you have to understand where I came from. Long before I was the artist known as Lady Apollo, I was simply just Lady, who liked to play Bioware video games.

That’s right. I’m absolute Bioware trash.

I started with Mass Effect and ate that UP. Jennifer Hale, I think my voice kink began with you. I played through that series like my life was depending on it (and at some points, I thought it was). Janie Shepard was me, and I was Janie Shepard. And then. Oh, and then.

Dragon Age: Inquisition came out.

I’m not a purist, by any means. I’ve seen movies before I read the books. I’ve watched movies before reading the comics. I’ve played games out of order. And the Dragon Age series is one of those. I started playing Dragon Age Inquisition. I fell in love with a certain Commander Cullen Stanton Rutherford. Greg Ellis, the second place voice kink goes to you. I played halfway through it before starting Dragon Age: Origins.

In which. Steve Valentine. Steve. Fucking. Valentine. Stole the show. Sorry Jennifer, sorry Greg. Steve has the number one spot now and forever I don’t make the rules… wait, yes I do. This is my blog and my kink list. The more I traveled through the land of Thedas, the more I fell in love with the characters and the voices of the characters and everything they brought to the table.

And much, much longer before I was known as Lady, I was Teenage Apollo, who loved to write fanfiction and roleplay on AOL and Yahoo forums.

Bear with me, it’ll make sense in a minute.

So in my mind, I’m in love with this video game. By this time, I’m frolicking around Kirkwall and burning Chantrys down in Dragon Age 2 (Hawke’s Adventures in Babysitting), and I found myself on Tumblr. Not only was it a fantastic place for fanart, but it was also an incredible place to find like-minded fans… and you guessed it, even more roleplaying. My obsession quickly spiraled.

Yes, I know a lot of the Dragon Age lore like the back of my hand. Yes, Orlesians (my favorite place in the entire world of Thedas) sound like they talk with cotton in their mouths. And boy, did I get lost in that world for years. But one day, I came across a link to Reddit. I’ve almost always been interested in listening/watching men enjoy themselves sexually, and this was no different. I wish I could remember exactly how and where I encountered this link… but…

I swear to everything good in this world that this man sounded exactly like Steve Valentine.

I sent the soundgasm link to every person I knew who loved Alistair Theirin as much as I did. They concurred.

So I researched. And researched. And researched some more. Once I found the artist who had created the audio, I binged on everything he’d ever created, got completely shitfaced wasted off of them. I can still remember the dizziness I felt after each one, how it had completely consumed me. It was like all of the naughtiest roleplaying scenarios had come to life and they were being narrated! By him!

I created a Reddit profile, yes, the same one I have today, and left a few comments here and there, appreciating Not Steve’s work. I tried listening to a few others, but they never quite hit the spot as he did. Not with that intoxicating accent and pacing. But, as artists are prone to do, he took a break for a while, and so did I.

For about a year, I left my Reddit account alone and continued my happy way on Tumblr. I continued to write, and occasionally revisited those audios whenever I felt the need pop up. And then, one day as I was thumbing to his profile on my phone, I noticed… there was new audio available.

Immediately, my pulse quickened.

Of course, I was hooked.

Not-Steve’s audios swallowed me whole once more, only this time, I was able to say things in the comments. And once I’d mentioned how the audios made me feel, he gently encouraged me to try recording it.

And when I say gently, I mean gently. There was no coercion, there was no force. The man, despite some of the subject matter he records, has always presented himself as quite kind and sweet to me, and I never had that creepy, squicked out feeling about him. With his encouragement, I bought my first microphone (a Yeti Blue Snowball) and recorded my first orgasm.

It was liberating.

So I recorded another one and posted it to GWA on Reddit. I had no intention at that time, just to post it and see what happened. My Reddit profile was still young enough that if I wanted to, I could delete the whole mess and pretend as none of it had ever happened.

And then I spoke to Not-Steve on Whats App. It started innocent enough until he asked me that question… I came for him over the phone... three or four times. I don’t remember the exact number, because it felt like I was talking to a celebrity. I was star struck and fucking myself for this man who was moaning the most obscene things into my ear from across the ocean. If I closed my eyes, I could imagine it was… well. I think we all know who I could imagine it was.

But I knew one thing for sure. Making him feel good made me feel good.

The comments on my audios began to roll in, about how I made people feel, how much they enjoyed my voice, how hard I made them cum. For someone who had self-esteem issues her entire life, not only were these compliments empowering, they were addicting.

I began to search out scripts to perform, reach out to other performers, and find my niche. My writing on Tumblr began to fade as my audios began to thrive. And now we’ve come full circle. Not-Steve is still around, and yes, I still listen and comment when I can. I’ll be forever thankful for his gentle encouragement and the doors he unknowingly opened for me. I’m not sure he knew how much of an impact he made on my future in the audio community, or me.

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